ADC2100S - Video Converter, Analog To 4:2:2 SDI, 10 Bit
adc2100s analog to SDI video converter

The ADC2100S is a compact, full-featured high quality analog to 10-bit serial digital converter module with EDH. Designed to fit any Sigma 2100 series frame, it accepts Composite, Y/C, and Component YPbPr analog input signals and outputs SMPTE 259M 4:2:2 270 Mbit SDI with EDH.

Differential inputs are included for ground loop rejection. A 4, 3, or 2 line comb or notch filter is user configurable for Y/C seperation in composite mode. All modes have 2X 8:4:4 input over sampling. An output jitter VCXO reduces 270 Mbit jitter down to 3Hz.

Full user digital proc. control, with user memory allows digital adjustment of Gain, DC Offset, Saturation, and Hue. Factory presets enable a return to factory settings.

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  • High-quality 10-bit analog to digital conversion
  • Composite, component (Y, Pb, Pr & RGB) and Y/C inputs
  • Supports component BetaCamT, MIIT, and SMPTE/N10
  • Differential inputs for power hum rejection
  • Full 10-bit digital video path
  • User selectable ( 75 ohm termination
  • 4-line adaptive comb filter for composite mode
  • Four 270 Mbit SDI 4:2:2 outputs with EDH
  • Internal color bar generator
  • External user configuration switches
  • Internal user Proc. configuration control
  • Manual or automatic input gain control
  • 2 slot 2100 series module