DPR16 - 16 Port Digital Port Router
dpr16 digital port router

The DPR16 is a RS422 Duplex port router, which can operate as a stand-alone device, or as a slave to external Sigma Electronics routers. In either case the DPR16 will directly route 16 ports via its front control panel. If it is slaved to another router, it can also be set to parse routing commands generated from the external system and Re-Map them to the desired Port Configurations.

In addition to standard operation which DUPLEX links 1 of 16 ports to one of the remaining 15 ports, the DPR16 can SIMPLEX link a source to any number of remaining destinations. This is most useful when multiple decks are being controlled simultaneously such as a gang record operation.

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  • Directly routes 16 ports via front panel
  • Easy operation
  • Can be slaved to any Sigma Electronics router
  • Can DUPLEX link (stanard operation) and SIMPLEX link source to destination
  • Only one RU