MCP-SIGMATRIX - Remote Router Control Package, Includes Modem And Sigmatrix
sigmatrix GUI for Windows

SigMatriX is a Windows-based software control package for all Sigma routing systems. Communication via a PC's serial port allows the operator full control of up to 8 router levels. Remote control of routers via modem is also supported. Functions include real-time source to destination routing, salvo execution, and event scheduling. Source and destination buttons are organized on the SigMatriX screen in a customizable way that is convenient for the operator. Each button can be given two lines of text and assigned a graphic. A library of graphic images is provided and additional images can be easily added.

Routing with SigMatriX is as simple as clicking on an input button followed by an output button. For more complex routes, individual levels can be selected for breakaway and split mode takes, and an unlimited number of salvos can be created for one-click routing. The built-in scheduler allows SigMatriX to perform salvos at a set time in the future, either as one-time events or periodically. An activity log records all system activity with timestamps.

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  • Works with Windows (95, 98, Me, NT, XP, 2000)
  • Easy to use interface
  • Customizable screens
  • Unlimited number of salvos
  • Includes external modem