ROUTING (Source Select)

Whether all you need is a simple 12x1 non-synchronous switcher for monitoring applications, or 16x1 to 32x2 multi-level, configurable vertical interval systems, Sigma source select switchers meet the needs of video and audio professionals with high reliability for a minimum investment.

Sigma offers two 12x1 configurations: a synchronous switcher (12XSV) and a non-synchronous switcher (VSS12). Our SLX Series of source select switching systems are available in sizes ranging from 16x1 to 32x2. SLX systems can be configured with most signal formats.

Scroll down for our full list of available formats for Source Select switching systems. Click on an option under a product description for more information about that model. For pricing information, please contact us.


12x1 synchronous vertical interval switcher
Model: 12XSV
12x1 non-synchronous switcher
Model: VSS12
SLX Series Switching Systems
Sigma's SLX switchers are multi-level, configurable vertical interval systems available from 16x1 to 32x2.