The design of video systems for the digital transition is well understood. In most cases a wide range of devices are available for all digital video signal management needs. However, managing digital audio still presents many technical challenges that have few solutions.

OctaStream is a product range designed specifically to provide quality, cost effective solutions to assist in the integration of AES and multi-channel digital audio into the DTV system.

The OctaStream AES Audio Management System provides solutions for managing all of your digital audio signals. Consisting of delay modules (DA5315) and mixer/router modules (DA5320) housed in the S5000 Signal Management Frame and controlled by the OCP1000 control panel, the OctaStream System has the power and flexibility you need. A sample rate converter (DA5325) is also available.

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8 channel (4 AES) signal variable delay compensator
Model: DA5315
8 channel (4 AES) mixer and subframe router
Model: DA5320
8 channel (4 AES) sample rate converter
Model: DA5325


OctaStream control panel
Model: OCP1000